Honor Your Father

This Father’s Day the Nationals are helping you with your Father’s Day plans. We want to give your father the best Father’s Day present possible—a free trip to Nationals Park with the entire family and a chance to throw out the first pitch. The Nationals are recognizing select fathers that were All-Stars during the past year. One father who exemplified outstanding community service will be presented with the Spirit Award. It’s real simple to nominate your father. Just write 100 words or less describing why your father should be recognized and celebrated at Nationals Park. Simply send your submission to promotions@nationals.com.


My dad was barely a man himself at 20 when he saw me in a situation that offered no future. He stepped up, took me into his life, along with a new bride, and my life was never the same. Now 50, with a masters degree, successful career, military veteran and great friends, I can never repay him for his love, sacrifice and grace as he literally made me a wonderful lIfe out of nothing. He is a true hero and Heaven sent.

My dad is a guy who loves to spend time with his family. My dad is a hard working man and always outs food on the table. He has 4 kids and a great wife. He was a baseball player when he was a kid and still plays around in the yard to make sure he does not lose the memories he had as a kid himself. Also doesn”t want his kids to lose there memories. They always say “You only get one time to live your life so take up as much as you can because you never know when its gonna end”. My dad will always be my hero NO matter what.

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