GEICO Racing Presidents will join the Circus for a day

Is there anything Abe, George, Tom and Teddy can’t do? Over the last few months, they’ve been seen racing on ice during a New York Islanders game, appearing in The Washington Ballet production of Septime Webre’s The Nutcracker, and now, they’re going to the circus.


On Thursday, March 24, the GEICO Racing Presidents will make an appearance at the Verizon Center during the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus, where they will entertain the crowd (showtime: 7:30 p.m.). Fans who arrive early will also be able to catch their favorite Presidents perform during the pre-circus show from 6:30-7:00 p.m.


Will Abe walk the tightrope? Can George fly with the acrobats? Maybe Tom will pile into a fullypacked clown car and Teddy… well, whatever Teddy does, let’s just hope he’s safe as we all know Teddy doesn’t have the best of luck. Perhaps they’ll just be clowning around with, you guessed it, a bunch of clowns. One thing’s for sure: circus fans won’t know what they’re in for.


See you at the circus.

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