Mascot Madness

Screech victory.jpgFor those interested in witnessing history, be sure to check out FOX 5’s Annual Mascot Madness coverage as Washington Nationals mascot Screech sets out to defend his back-to-back titles against regional mascots who think they have what it takes to defeat him on the basketball court.


This year, Screech will attempt to do what no other mascot has ever done: THREE-PEAT a championship title win.


While other birds may have flown south this past winter, Screech stayed right here in the Nation’s Capital and underwent a rigorous Rocky Balboa-style training program, which included running the stairs at Nationals Park with his personal trainerTeddy.


Recently, the Washington Wizards’ G-Wiz, the only other mascot to ever win a Mascot Madness title, hosted his birthday party and a slam dunk contest at the Verizon Center.

Of course those in the mascot community knew this was G-Wiz’ way of getting a last-minute look at Screech’s b-ball skills, but like the true champion he is, Screech rose to the occasion and was one of the few mascots to put the ball through the net


Watch video of Screech flying through the air and pulling off the one-wing jam!


With that superb performance in mind, there’s little doubt that the competition will all be targeting our favorite eagle, so be sure to check out FOX 5 for exclusive coverage of Mascot Madness to watch Screech bring home another title.

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