Offseason additions

Jayson Werth 28.jpgThere are only 11 days left until Nationals pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training in Viera, Fla. And wouldn’t you know there are only 11 players remaining from the Nationals 2010 Opening Day 25-man roster–that is 44 percent for those doing the math at home. Just for comparison, the American League Champion Texas Rangers have 16 players left on their squad from the 2010 Opening Day roster.

The drastic turnover can mean any number of things about a team but the 25-man roster is in constant flux from when the season begins until the season ends, so change is expected. At the same time, GM Mike Rizzo has been putting his elephant-size foot print on this organization and finding players that fit his image of a team since he was named the GM in August 2009. He has made it very clear it is his way or the highway and that’s why there has been a major overhaul in the front office, coaching staff and 40-man roster in the last two years.

This offseason Rizzo has been busy adding impact players like Jayson Werth and Adam LaRoche and bench players like Jerry Hairston Jr. He has added players with unique names like Cla and Coffey, and players that will not even get the proverbial “cup of coffee” at the Major League level. Some players will be cut the first week of March and others are Minor League invitees that hope to make a major impact. Time will tell. Here is the complete list of the acquisitions since the end of the season:

Players added over the offseason


LHP Tom Gorzelanny (Trade)

RHP Henry Rodriguez (Trade)

RHP Todd Coffey (Free Agent)

RHP Chad Gaudin (Free Agent)

RHP Cla Meredith (Free Agent)

RHP Tim Wood (Free Agent)

RHP Brian Broderick (Rule 5)

RHP Elvin Ramirez (Rule 5)



1B Adam LaRoche (Free Agent)

INF Jerry Hairston Jr. (Free Agent)

INF Alex Cora (Free Agent)

INF Michael Aubrey (Free Agent)

1B Kevin Barker (Free Agent)



RF Jayson Werth (Free Agent)

OF Rick Ankiel (Free Agent)

OF Matt Stairs (Free Agent)

OF Corey Brown (Trade)

OF Jeff Frazier (Free Agent)

OF Jonathan Van Every (Free Agent)

OF Laynce Nix (Free Agent)


We will give a quick breakdown of each player next week.

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