Welcome to Washington, Jayson Werth!

_MLP2718web.JPGMinutes ago, Jayson Werth arrived at Nationals Park for day one of the Werth era. The morning could have begun with anxious introductions and a few uneasy formalities, but thankfully the Springfield, Ill., native felt right at home as racing president Abe Lincoln ran to greet him as he stepped from the car. The two are already fairly familiar with each other and looked to be immediate friends. Not only do they both hail from the same town and carry the same tall, slender physique, Werth was also the spokesperson for the 2008 campaign to support the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation of his hometown. Werth also recalls taking field trips to infamous Lincoln sites as a child and even claims he had a stuffed “Abe” above his locker in Philadelphia at one point. What the two don’t share in common in a shaggy beard, at least not anymore– Werth sported a freshly shaven face at Nats Park today. Expect Werth to root for Abe all season long in the President’s Race. There is no word yet on who Abe’s favorite Nats player is yet, though. We’ll keep you posted on that, as well as the other events of Werth’s day, including an exclusive interview, so stay tuned.

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