Until Next Time…So Long from the Winter Meetings

Nationals Principal Owner Mark D. Lerner will be blogging throughout the 2010 MLB Winter Meetings, giving Nats fans a unique perspective of the goings-on in Orlando. Check back often for the latest updates.

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Good morning, Natstown. The Winter Meetings are all wrapped up, and now we are getting ready to board a plane to head home to Washington.  

This morning, the Winter Meetings concluded with the annual Rule 5 Draft. Mike Rizzo and his staff feel really good about the players we selected: right-handed pitchers Elvin Ramirez and Brian Broderick in the Major League phase, and right-hander Michael Allen in the Triple-A phase of the Draft.

For those fans who arent familiar with the Rule 5 Draft, check out this link.

Its always entertaining to watch the mass exodus that takes place as soon as the final selection is made in the Rule 5 Draft. Almost instantaneously, everybody rushes the draft room doors then the taxi stand at the hotel in an effort to get out of town.

What an exciting five days since we arrived in Orlando on Sunday we head back to The District having added one of baseballs top outfield sluggers and three Rule 5 pitchers, and foundations have been laid that may lead to additional signing or trades that could impact the Nationals organization in 2011 and beyond.

I, personally, cant wait for Spring Training to begin in a mere two months!

One quick update… Got word that both Rick and Ken Eckstein are doing well today, following yesterday’s kidney transplant. Rick is up and moving around and may be able to head home from the hospital as early as tomorrow. What an amazing story.

Thanks to everybody who took the time to read my blog from the MLB Winter Meetings. This is something I hope to do from time to time to give fans an inside view of the Washington Nationals.

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