Jayson Werth: First Impressions

Nationals Principal Owner Mark D. Lerner will be blogging throughout the 2010 MLB Winter Meetings, giving Nats fans a unique perspective of the goings-on in Orlando. Check back often for the latest updates.

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As we wind up Day 2 of MLB’s Winter Meetings, I wanted to take some time to talk again about Jayson Werth. His ability and accomplishments on the field have been well-documented, but I want to share what I had the opportunity to experience recently… that Jayson is also an intelligent, thoughtful and quality person.

 Just before Thanksgiving, Mike Rizzo, my father (Ted Lerner) and I met with Jayson and his representatives at Scott Boras’ spectacular offices in Newport Beach, Calif., to learn more about Jayson as a person and player. We were blown away by the questions he asked and his dedication to winning, personal fitness/nutrition and taking a leadership role, which made it easy in our minds to make the commitment that we made. His desire to help grow the Nationals into a winning organization is genuine, and he has great insight regarding the formula necessary to make that happen. Jayson is also passionate about wanting to make a significant impact in the Washington community.

 We are excited to welcome Jayson to the Nationals family and can’t wait to formally introduce him to the Washington fans and media sometime next week. We are working on those plans right now. More to come…     

A few side notes…

·         I have run into a lot of baseball folks in the lobby who have commented with rave reviews about our new uniforms. My personal favorite is the new home white uniform.

·         There is also a definite buzz about what a lot of baseball executives and scouts saw from our prospects in the Arizona Fall League. We knew what a special player we got when we selected Bryce Harper first-overall in last year’s Draft, and he showed in the AFL that he should be an impact major leaguer in the near future. But, a lot of people are also talking about what special players we have in Sammy Solis, Derek Norris, Stephen Lombardozzi, and others.

·         I’m told Jayson Werth jerseys are in production and will be available in the Nationals Park Team Store by Monday, in plenty of time for the holidays.


Looking forward to seeing Jayson in a Nats uni….what number will he be wearing

Cliff Lee…let’s make it happen.

Very stealth move as I don’t think anyone caught wind of the meeting in California with Jayson Werth.

Keep the momentum going as this team is a lot closer to turning the losing culture around and I don’t mean that in a negative way, more so just stating fact of W & L’s. Tampa Bay was on the right track building with youth but didn’t make the long term commitments outside of Longoria and it takes several long-term commitments like the Yankees and Philthies to make winning into a culture. Now you have plucked a key person from the Phillie machine so it was a win/win on 2 fronts!

As a Season Ticket Holder, I am happy to see progress on the field.

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