It is a FREE ticket Fiesta at Nats Park

ford fiesta.jpgTonight is a big deal at Nationals Park. It is the final home game of the season and that means one thing–party. The Nats are having a party–or you can call it a Fiesta–at Nationals Park and it is your last chance to watch the Nats at home in 2010. It’s FREE too.

The Nats have teamed up with Ford so you don’t need to buy a ticket. All you have to do is test drive a Ford Fiesta at the Corner of First and N Street next to Nationals Park today and you’ll get two FREE tickets above the home or visitors’ dugout for tonight’s game. Yes, all you have to do is drive a car to get great tickets–it is as simple as drinking water to get hydrated.

The test drives begins at 4:30 p.m. It has never been easier to get tickets. If you already have tickets for the game, test drive a Ford Fiesta and you will be entered to win 2011 Opening Day tickets against the Braves on March 31.

Here is a random fact: the Fiesta gets 40 miles per gallon–that’s better than 21 hybrids currently on the market. In baseball terms, you can drive around the warning track 160 times or round the bases 587 times and use just a gallon of gas. Think about that for a second… we round the bases just once and we are out of gas.

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