Kasten to step down

Stan Kasten 10.JPGNationals President Stan Kasten announced today that he will resign as Nationals president at the conclusion of the season. It was on the same day that Washington Post’s Thomas Boswell wrote the column on Kasten’s future:
As Nats embark on next journey, will Stan Kasten be on board? Kasten served as president for nearly five full seasons and it is not known who will replace him. He was officially introduced as President on May 3, 2006. Kasten is a firm believer in scouting and player development and that you can never have enough starting pitching. One of his first moves was hiring now General Manager Mike Rizzo.

“This is just about me, what’s best for me,” Kasten said. “I don’t feel like I’m retiring. I want to do something.”

That something might not be known for a while but there is a good chance it will have something to do with baseball.

“Stan Kasten will always be an important part of the history of the Washington Nationals,” Managing Principal Owner Theodore N. Lerner said in a statement. “He was vital to ownership winning its bid from Major League Baseball and his agreement to serve as the team’s chief executive for the last five years has been critical to building the Washington Nationals franchise.”

Vintage 2006 RFK shot:

Stan Kasten 13.JPG

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