Nats seek series victory

Well it’s getaway day here in Atlanta, and with a 12:10 p.m. first pitch today against the Braves, it’s an earlier-than-usual start for the team and staff. Players’ luggage starts to arrive in the lobby by 7 a.m., and Wally is at it again, checking names off of his list and tagging bags before loading them onto the moving truck.


The players and coaches themselves start to trickle down to catch the team bus around 9 a.m., and we’re off to the park by 9:30 a.m.


We hit a bit more traffic than we have for either of the previous night games, and with the delay, the big debate from the night before–the length of Adam Dunn’s homerun–becomes a hot topic once again.


Now there’s more than just bragging rights on the line for Dunn. Callaway is rewarding any professional baseball player who hits a home run over 470 feet with a full set of Diablo Edge clubs. Most of the broadcasters are sure Dunn’s moon ball eclipsed that elusive threshold, but as of this morning, no official word. We’ll let you know as soon as we hear but according to ESPN it went 479 feet.


With the earlier game, it’s pretty much straight to the press box once we get to the park. MASN TV broadcasters Bob Carpenter and Ray Knight are busy scribbling some final pregame notes, reviewing the starting lineups and making sure everything is in order. Bob comments that they have their routine pretty much down to a science at this point.


TV booth with Bob Carpenter.JPGBob does a few reads that will be used as part of the pregame show. He and Ray won’t actually be live on-air until moments before first pitch. When the broadcast starts, what you see are actually pre-recorded lead-ins. That’s right…when you’re at home just tuning in to the game, Bob and Ray are relaxing with their pregame meal in the press dining room.

Speaking of food, on the final day of our roadtrip, we’re eager to follow Bob to his Chick-fil-A stand. Much to our chagrin however, the game is so early that the stand at the bottom of the press box stairs isn’t even open yet. Dejectedly, we slump back up the stairs…looks like it’s breakfast for lunch today–scrambled eggs, bacon, hashbrowns and some cinnamon buns. It Could be worse.

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Braves’s offense after acquiring Derek Lee has been none existing. Derek Lee hasn’t done anything spectacular and in fact, he hasn’t done anything! Glaus in my point of view has shown more offense than he has. True Glaus is tiring and we need leg support; but where is Derek Lee?

Lee hit one home run and home run is not the answer; but he hasn’t been hitting at all. We definitely need to rearrange our batting order. We have our hottest batter batting in the seventh (Gonzalez) and to me he should be up there between 2 to 5. Jason Heyward isn’t doing it and Derek Lee definitely isn’t. McCann is hot so he should be batting fourth. We need Prado to be back at first and have Infante to move down to seventh. Anyone agree?

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