All is well with Maxwell

The game itself saw Justin Maxwell hit his third career grand slam in the second inning, before the Nationals held off a Braves comeback. Atlanta had opportunities throughout the game, but John Lannan scattered eight hits through six innings, and the bullpen trio of Joel Peralta, Sean Burnett and Drew Storen combined for three scoreless innings of relief in a 4-2 Nats victory.


Most importantly, the Nats earned their second straight road series win, and improved their record to 8-7 vs. Atlanta this season.


While there were many similarities between our time spent with Dave and Charlie in the radio broadcast booth, there were also a handful of stark differences. The most obvious being the huge camera in the back of the booth–it is TV after all. More subtly though, the TV announcers don’t rotate innings so they can’t really take a bathroom break during the game. We tried to get the authentic experience, but couldn’t quite hold out during the seventh inning.


This also means the TV broadcasters can’t get up to get a snack or a drink during the game. Bob had the foresight to grab a box of Trix cereal–no, they’re not just for kids–and a bagel. Ray just made fun of Bob’s choices but opted for no snack. We’re guessing that by the middle of the game, Ray was secretly jealous of his partner’s snacks, but by that point, he was out of luck.


Once Bob makes the call on Drew Storen’s strikeout to end the game, he quickly draws the game broadcast to a close. During the ensuing commercial break, he and Ray get ready for their final exchange with Johnny Holiday on the post-game show. It’s a quick back and forth recapping the Braves series clincher before looking ahead to another tough matchup vs. the Phillies.

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