Detwiler and Marquis

Ross Detwiler and Jason Marquis make their way to the weight room now. Earlier in the day, Coach had told us that Jason is especially disciplined about his workout regimen and that as one of the players to have arrived earlier to get some extra work in on his own, he had fulfilled his requirements for the day.


So now he is here to shoot the breeze with Coach, but more so to razz Ross about his form and the light weight he is using. Coach employs a lot of “manuals” as he calls them–this means the players actually use very light weights, but Coach applies “manual” resistance at the appropriate points in each rep to maximize the effectiveness of the exercise. Since the guys’ lifting programs are generally only 20 minutes or so each day, it’s critical to make each rep count. In this instance, Marquis enjoys a laugh at Ross’ expense, but to the young lefty’s credit, he focuses in on the task at hand, and diligently completes his workout, with Coach lending support throughout.

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