Post-Work out pizza

After our workout with Dave, it was time for some authentic…California Pizza Kitchen. For those scoffing at the idea of pizza as a post-workout meal, take solace – we ordered our BBQ chicken pie with thin crust. Dave went with the Mediterranean Platter and Spaghetti Bolognese.

While we ate, Dave shared his wisdom on all things Nats. As someone who eats, sleeps and breaths Nationals baseball for seven-plus months out of the year, Dave brings a lot of unique insight to even the most casual of conversations. We talked about the promise of the young core of Nats, some of the unique personalities in the clubhouse, and the finer points of life on the road.

After lunch, Dave heads back to his hotel room to review the latest Braves news, stats, etc. Dave notes that each broadcast team is different, but he and Charlie Slowes pride themselves on the depth of their preparation for each game. It is certainly is evident in the broadcast. We’ll get to see first-hand later tonight.

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