Don’t mess with the Jageler

Day 1 of the roadtrip officially begins with a workout with Nationals radio broadcaster Dave Jageler. He claims to have made working out on the road as second nature as brushing his teeth. If his pearly whites are any indication, we may be in trouble.

On the elevator down to the hotel’s fitness center, we’re trying to size up Dave and get a feel for what exactly we’re in store for. Is this going to be a couple light miles on the treadmill, or are we going full bore, P-90X? Dave tells us we’ll be doing a three part circuit of running on the treadmill, dumbbell squats and a modified push-up called a Burpee. The goal is to get through all three exercises, three times each, as fast as possible (without injuring yourself, of course) and with as little rest as possible between each set. It’s part of the CrossFit workout program.

Stay tuned for video from our workout, but let’s just say that Dave doesn’t mess around. He completed the full circuit in 37 minutes, and his shirt went from light grey when we started, to dark grey and fully soaked by the time we ended. He added a few miscellaneous exercises to the end, just for good measure. Kudos to Dave on totally shredding that workout.

We, on the other hand, didn’t fare so well. Once we started, it was pretty clear we’d bitten off more than we could chew, and it quickly became a matter of survival. Our form went out the window and the prospects of lunch was really the only thing pushing us through.

Ahhh, lunch. That sounds more our speed. With that, it’s time to hit the showers, but we’ll check back in after we’ve got some nourishment. Any recommendations for good spots to eat in Atlanta?

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