Unpacking at the Hotel

Once we get off the plane, there are two more buses waiting for us on the tarmac–talk about door to door service. Same as before, there’s one for players and one for coaches and staff. On the other side of the plane, Wally is already unloading the equipment, with one of those conveyer belts coming out of the plane and straight into the back of an Atlanta-based moving truck.

The buses load up quickly, and we’re off to the hotel. It’s all of 20 minutes through Atlanta, and it’s an easy trip on a Sunday night.

Upon arrival at the hotel, there’s a table of envelopes in the lobby, one for each member of the traveling party. What are the chances that Nationals Director of Team Travel Rob McDonald hand-wrote everyone’s name in the fancy calligraphy on each envelope? He is a man of many talents, so I wouldn’t put it past him.

Anyway, inside was our room key and some brief information for our stay. The players’ personal luggage will arrive shortly and be brought to their rooms. Again, it’s quite impressive how simplified they make things on the road. No long lines for individual check-in at the hotel, no fumbling for credit cards or hotel loyalty numbers.

And as a bonus–there’s another drink and cookie station by the elevators before you head to your room to turn in for the night. Life on the road is good indeed.

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