Bryce Harper says hello to section 236

Bryce Harper 1.JPGIt is Bryce Harper day at the ballpark. The Fauxhawk-sporting, black hair dyed, 2010 No. 1 Draft pick officially signed his contract today along with 157 other items: 11 dozen balls, 15 bats and 10 jerseys. He did a photo shoot–it was obvious that this was his millionth photo shoot of his young career. The 17-year-old, would-be-senior-if-he-was-still-in-high-school was a pro. He could have told the photographer how to do his job, not really, but it is only fitting two different people asked facetiously, “So have you done this before?”

Bryce Harper 4.JPG
Bryce Harper 3.JPGWhat he definitely has done before is take batting practice. Harper took early BP with Adam Kennedy, Justin Maxwell and Kevin Mench while a handful of Nats players, along with the entire Scott Boras camp standing nearby and watching. It wasn’t like watching Josh Hamilton–the king of batting practice shows–but a few shots were memorable. He hit a total of ten home runs in five rounds. He started off with a few bunts to get loose and then he sprayed the ball to all locations of the field. On the final pitch in the first-round, he unleashed the hammer that is Bryce Harper. It was easy to see why he has been labeled the Lebron James of baseball. Lebron James dunks. Bryce Harper hits home runs. He blasted a shot to the third row of section 236–that would be the third deck. It was definitely hard to not think, “Wow, how did he do that?”

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