The Presidents journey to Vermont

Presidents in vermont.jpgThe Racing Presidents journeyed to Burlington, Vermont to watch the Short-season Vermont Lake Monsters last night. Teddy, George, Abe, Tom participated in their first Lake Monsters game.

They met with local fans and searched for the Lake Monster himself–they came up empty much like Teddy does on the race track. The Presidents put on their dancing shoes and had a dance-off with the Lake Monsters mascot, Champ, in the bottom of the second and fourth inning. He isn’t called Champ because he can dance.

The main event–the Presidents Race–took place in the bottom of the third inning. Tom and Abe started off neck and neck, but Abe pushed Tom into the backstop as they rounded home plate giving George a chance to make his move and he didn’t look back. George won the first Presidents Race in Vermont. Yes, Teddy still remains defeated. At the same time, he is really consistent and that’s what baseball is all about.

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