Inside Pitch Live with Nyjer Morgan

Center fielder Nyjer Morgan spent some time prior to today’s game in the PNC Diamond Club, fielding questions for this week’s installment of “Inside Pitch Live.” The following are excerpts from that conversation:

What’s your favorite thing about being here with the Nationals?

NM: The fans. Most definitely the fans. Without the fans, we don’t go out there and give it all that we have to put on the field. The most important thing is the fans, to me.

You sound great with the microphone. Do you have any aspirations to go into broadcasting after you retire?

I’ll wait about that a little bit later (laughing).

Who’s the toughest pitcher you’ve faced and why?

This year, Hudson is pretty solid. But in my eyes, that kid, I think he got put on the DL, [Jorge] de la Rosa–the lefty from Colorado. He’s got electric stuff just like Ubaldo, but he hasn’t really figured it out like Ubaldo yet. But basically he’s pretty nasty.

Did you face Venters from the Braves yet?


Is he pretty tough?

Not as nasty as de la Rosa.

What base is easier to steal?

They say third, but I think second is a lot easier.

What is the hardest thing to do at center field, dive or jump? You seem pretty good at climbing the walls.

Yeah, I like climbing the walls. I don’t like dropping them at the wall (laughing)…

How happy are you that Adam Dunn stays with the Nationals?

Oh, very happy. We need that big guy in our lineup. I’m glad we didn’t trade him. It’s going to be beneficial to us next year as well.

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