Miguel Batista didn’t disappoint but here are ten things that will

Miguel Batista for stras.jpgThere were 40,043 disappointed fans last night when Stephen Strasburg was scratched from his scheduled start. They came to see Strasburg but they got Miguel Batista. Who? Fans booed when it was announced that he was starting but they cheered him when he was named the player of the game in the 3-0 victory. Fans might have been disappointed at first but Batista did his best Strasburg imitation–pitching 5.0 scoreless innings, giving up three hits and tallying six strikeouts. If there is one thing for sure, Strasburg couldn’t have allowed fewer runs.

That got us thinking about other disappointing events. Here are 10 things that could leave anyone disappointed:

1.     “Imagine if you go there to see Miss Universe and you end up having Miss Iowa,” Batista said.

2.     Right along those lines, imagine if you go to see the movie Gladiator and they play Gigli. I still want to know who read that script and was like, “This is a brilliant idea. Get Ben Affleck on the phone right now.”

3.     You search for the field of dreams and your journey takes you to Iowa. That alone could leave a person depressed but then you don’t find anything but corn fields and, of course, more corn fields. Someone tells you the field of dreams is fake. You then build it, and nobody comes.

4.     Justin Bieber performs on Saturday Night Live and he encounters technical difficulties. His music stops playing and everyone finds out that he lip sings. The following day, an investigative reporter discovers that he forged his birth certificate and he is really 32 years old. His hit single Baby–the most watched video on YouTube with 263,355,863 hits and counting–loses the top spot shortly after.

5.     Your boyfriend gets down on one knee and proposes with a ring pop. It is safe to say the only way that can end is with an emphatic “NO!” and slap.

6.     You are sky diving and your parachute doesn’t open. Can you imagine what your next thought is? Thankfully, your friend attaches to you and saves the day… and your life.

7.     You get to Pee-Wee’s play house and realize it isn’t the play house you were expecting.

8.     You buy the four Power Rangers–Jason (Red Ranger), Kimberly (Pink Ranger), Zack (Black Ranger), and Trini (Yellow Ranger)–after you saw a commercial on TV of them flying and saving the world. You open the box and quickly realize they don’t do anything you thought they did.

9.     Your mom tells you Santa Claus is fake.

10.   Stephen Strasburg misses a start and you find out he is human.

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