On the Road with the NatMobile

2010 Little League Pictures 030 c.jpgThe NatMobile has been on the move in 2010. It has been all over the DC metro area from Ashburn, Va., to Bethesda, Md., and of course Washington, DC. It has even made a few trips to Richmond. Along the way, we have been fortunate to meet so many fans and interact with them face to face about our team.

The NatMobile has been part of many events such as little league baseball festivals. The kids get so excited when they see the NatMobile. We open up the vehicle for them and they stream inside to check out highlights on the flat screen and listen to music. They love the giveaways we have like license plate holders and Nationals T-shirts. We see how their eyes open up in a daze as they day dream of themselves one day being able to play as professional baseball players. Their smiles stretch from cheek to cheek as they receive a Nationals Inside Pitch magazine, which has baseball cards inside. We hope that we are instilling a future fan base with the little ones. In 10 years, these same kids will be true diehard Nats Fans, as they were able to get the excitement of NatsTown through the NatMobile.

Shamrock Fest 2010 009 c.jpgThe NatMobile was a huge hit during St. Patrick’s Day festivities in March. We were able to entertain more than 100,000 in attendance at Shamrock Fest at RFK Stadium. Our giveaways for that day were green Curly ‘W’ hats, which promoted the St. Patrick’s Day feeling. The hat was in high demand as the truck got swamped by the audience. The audience kept pouring in and signing up to become Nats Insiders and to receive the green hat. Before we knew it, it seemed like everyone in the audience was wearing a green Curly ‘W’ hat. It got so crowded in the truck that we needed security to help escort fans away from it in order to let more in. The NatMobile had a perfect spot right in front of the main stage where Train and The Roots performed. A day later, the NatMobile participated in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Washington, DC. The parade route was on Constitution Ave and we went by a couple of museums and the Washington Monument. We were accompanied by a couple of the Racing Presidents as well as Screech. We passed out the green Curly ‘W’ hats to the waving fans. Just like Shamrock Fest, everyone in the crowd seemed to be wearing the green Curly ‘W’ hat by the end of the day. We heard the cheers and saw the joy as we went through the parade as a float.

St. Patricks Day Festival 2010-DC 019 c.jpgThe NatMobile has been to marathons and triathlons. In Washington, DC the NatMobile went to the Finish Line Marathon Festival at RFK Stadium. Bright and early at 5 a.m., the NatMobile was set up, playing music, running highlights and greeting the participants as they prepared for the race. Many were shocked to see us open that early, but, that’s what we are all about.

Although we have gone to more than 50 locations already, the NatMobile, is still hungry for more events. We eagerly look forward to expanding our fan base.

-NatMobile Staff

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