Jinx this

Can you jinx a no-hitter?

Can you jinx the pace of the game? That’s why they say never to say, ‘Wow, this game is going by so fast,’ because you can jinx that too.

Is there anything we can’t jinx in baseball?

That is the million dollar question.

I mentioned that Scott Olsen had a no-hitter in the sixth inning and I was quickly accused for just jinxing the no-hitter–as if I had anything to do with it. I wish I did because I would have jinxed him to keep it going.

Is it really possible to jinx it? The answer seems obvious. No way, right. It seems highly irrational to think that people have the power to do that. I am sure every Braves fan was talking about it and wanting it to end. I am guessing they had no effect on stopping the no-hitter. But it is only a guess. I can’t prove it. Maybe someone jinxed David Ross to get a hit.

But for the sake of argument, let’s say you can jinx a no-hitter.

I will blame my friend for this one. He texted me during the top of the eighth and said, “Not jinxing anything but…” Needless to say, the no-hitter ended shortly thereafter.

For everyone who jinxed the no-hitter last night, here are seven more things you should jinx. I don’t want your jinxing powers to go to waste as you wait around for the next possible no-hitter that you’ll end just to be mean. And like they say in Spider-Man, “With great power, comes great responsibility.” You are responsible to jinx the following…

1.      Please jinx Justin Bieber from singing about dating and girls. I love JB as much as the next person but the 16-year-old should be singing about puberty and pimples.

2.      Please jinx the Yankees winning ways. Why not?

3.      Please jinx the Pirates losing ways. Nobody deserves 17 straight losing seasons. Might as well jinx the O’s while you are at it.

4.      Please jinx Ben Affleck from ever starring in another movie. He ruined Pearl Harbor and let’s not forget the classics he starred in like Jersey Girl and Gigli.

5.      Please jinx the Redskins struggles. In fact, jinx all of DC sports.

6.      Please jinx an end to thinking people can jinx things.

7.      If you have any time left, you might as well jinx the Nationals to win the World Series.


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