Jimenez vs. Hernandez

If Ubaldo Jimenez and Livan Hernandez pitch today like they have been… this game will last two hours and end 1-0. Jimenez is coming off a no-hitter–he did walk six batters though–and Hernandez is coming off a complete game shutout and hasn’t allowed a run in 16.0 innings. Who will make the first mistake?


I bet you are thinking this must be the first time that a pitcher who just pitched a no-hitter is squaring off against a pitcher who just threw a complete game shutoutnot so fast, buddy. According to the people of infinite baseball knowledge at Elias Sports Bureau, this has happened once in the last 90 seasons. It came on May 17, 1996 at Wrigley Field, when the Marlins’ Al Leiter (no-hitter, May 11 vs. COL) and the Cubs’ Jim Bullinger (two-hit shutout, May 12 at NYM) toed the rubber. They both pitched well that afternoon–they allowed just three runs on six hits in 15.0 combined innings–as the Cubs prevailed, 3-1.


Ryan Zimmerman is not in today’s lineup after being pulled from last night’s game in the eighth inning with a cramp/strain in his right leg. This might be the only time you see today’s lineup. Zimmerman and Willingham are out. Cristian Guzman is starting in right field and Willie “The home run hitter” Harris is batting third–though he does have a career average of .400 (4-for-10) in the three hole.


Today’s starting lineups:

Rockies (7-8):

1.      Carlos Gonzalez – RF

2.      Dexter Fowler – CF

3.      Todd Helton – 1B

4.      Troy Tulowitzki – SS

5.      Ian Stewart – 3B

6.      Ryan Spilborghs – LF

7.      Miguel Olivo – C

8.      Clint Barmes – 2B

9.      Ubaldo Jimenez – RHP (3-0, 1.29 ERA)


Nationals (8-7):

1.      Nyjer Morgan – CF

2.      Cristian Guzman – RF

3.      Willie Harris – LF

4.      Adam Dunn – 1B

5.      Pudge Rodriguez – C

6.      Adam Kennedy – 2B

7.      Ian Desmond – SS

8.      Alberto Gonzalez – 3B

9.      Livan Hernandez – RHP (2-0, 0.00 ERA)

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