Capture the Caption

Capture the Caption: A picture is worth a 1,000 words but a caption is worth only 20. We want to hear your best caption for a few of the pictures we captured on Tuesday night. Send your captions to or write them in the comments sections. If we like your caption… We will even send you a NatsTown T-shirt.

Spider man.jpgWhere is Spider-man and what is he doing using a cell phone?

Apolo Ohno.jpgThe most decorated winter Olympian stopped by Nationals Park to deliver the lineup card. Apolo Ohno relaxes by yawning, always puts his left skate on first and compared speed skating to riding a motorcycle around at hockey rink at 40 mph. He is kind of a big deal and that’s why everyone wanted a photo with him.

Morgan Speed skating 2.jpgNyjer Morgan, a former hockey player, just wanted to learn how to speed skate. A little practice in the outfield has him thinking the Olympics in 2014.

Morgan Speed skating 3.jpgSochi, Russia… here I come.

three kids.jpgThree peas in a pod.

Riggleman and the Ump.jpgRiggleman vs. Ump

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