Local school visits Nats Spring Training

Bobby Henley.jpg

Baseball has always been a game that can be shared with both parents and children alike and a perfect example of that took place in Viera on Thursday morning.


Parents and kids from Viera Children’s Academy, ranging from the age of four and up, were given a tour of the Nationals Spring Training facilities.


They took in the view of Space Coast Stadium from a 42-person suite and got a chance to walk around the field that the Nats will be playing games on in March.


Then the group from Viera Children’s Academy got a chance to see the pros in action over at the training complex, as they toured that facility during a morning workout of pitchers and catchers.


A chance to see Big Leaguers in action was the favorite part of the tour for student Evan Wiseman.


“I liked watching the baseball players,” Wiseman said.


Nationals spring instructor Bob Henley then spoke to the kids, took part in a Q & A session and posed for a group picture.


The experience was memorable for the children and their parents.


“I think they really enjoyed it,” said Doug Masterson, a parent who took the tour. “It’s something to open their eyes up to. The experience has been really great for them and the staff here is fantastic.”

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