Racing Presidents test their skills on the rink

The award winning, oversized, athletic, multiple-sport Racing Presidents took their show to New York over the weekend. They have raced in Pittsburgh against the Pierogies a few times but this time they competed on a different terrain–an ice rink but unlike Disney on Ice this was worth watching.

It was the second year in a row that the presidents made the journey to the Big Apple to race during the second intermission of the New York Islanders game in honor of Presidents Day. The Islanders invited the presidents back after last year’s race was so popular. There wasn’t a game scheduled for Presidents Day, so George, Tom, Abe, and Teddy strapped on their skates and made their appearance on Valentine’s Day.

Teddy originally pitched the idea of racing at a different venue because he thought it would increase his chances of winning. As you probably could have guessed… it didn’t change the outcome.

When they weren’t racing on the rink–they raced around Manhattan making their oversized heads prominent in front of every popular landmark in Manhattan.

Presidents in New York 1.JPG

Presidents in New York 6.JPG
Presidents in New York 5.JPG
Presidents in New York 4.JPG
Presidents in New York 3.JPG
Presidents in New York 2.JPG

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