Nationals Park after Snowpocalypes

Snow Park 7.jpgIt isn’t a great storm, if it doesn’t have a great name. There were a few clever names for the first blizzard that crippled the DC-area over the weekend: Snowpocalypes, Snowmageddon and the Great DC Blizzard of Aught-Ten. As if that wasn’t enough, round two struck Tuesday night. Like most sequels, Snoverkill wasn’t as impressive as round one but it was still like kicking a person while they’re down. Federal employees, along with all Nationals employees, enjoyed 38 hours (a four hour early dismissal on Friday, offices were closed Monday through Thursday and a two hour late start on Friday) of whatever you want to call it: cabin fever, isolation, boredom, telecommuting and/or quality family time.

The final numbers from Wednesday’s blizzard: 10.8″ at National (DCA), 9.3″ at Dulles (IAD) and 19.5″ at Baltimore-Washington (BWI).

National Airport recorded a new record–Washington’s new all-time record stands at 55.9″ (besting 54.4″ from 1898-99) while IAD is now at 72.8″ and BWI is leading the way with 79.9″.

Screech in the snow.jpg
Snow Park 10.jpg
Snow Park 8.jpgWith 16 days still left in February, DCA is just 3.3″ away from the February (and all-time monthly) record for DC set in 1899 of 35.2″. IAD has already eclipsed the 2003 Feb. record by 10.8″ and BWI has also eclipsed the 2003 numbers for Feb. by 8.7″.

The Ryan Zimmerman-Adam Dunn back-to-back home run totals for Snowpocalypes & Snoverkill are: DCA, 28.6″; IAD, 41.7″; BWI, 44.3″.

Snow Park 2.jpg

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