On the Road with the NatMobile

NatMobile and Screech c.jpgThe NatMobile isn’t the Batmobile but it does have a few bells and whistles to boast about. In August, the NatMobile rolled into NatsTown with one goal–bring Nationals baseball to the local and regional communities. Since then the NatMobile has taken this message to anywhere and everywhere there is a road and Nationals fans.


The NatMobile is an extended arm of Nationals Park that gives fans a taste of the excitement that can be experienced in NatsTown.  When parked, the NatMobile transforms into one of the most exciting and interactive trucks around. The moment you step into the NatMobile you will be stunned by the Nationals memorabilia on display, team highlights on our 40-inch TV and, of course, the beautiful view or Nationals Park.


NatMobile pulled out c.jpgThe NatMobile has participated in many of events like a book signing with the Deen Brothers from the Food Network and the Montgomery Thanksgiving Parade. Centerfielder Nyjer Morgan has even joined the NatMobile on the road.  The NatMobile has also participated in many street festivals, baseball games, community events and parades. Keep your eyes open because you never know when you will see the NatMobile.


For requests or further information about the NatMobile, click here or follow them on twitter here.

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