Winter Meetings Update from Indianapolis – 12/10

Notes from NatsTown has a handful of correspondents working the lobby and covering the happenings from the Nationals’ Baseball Operations suite at the Winter Meetings in Indianapolis this week. Here’s an update from Indy:

The Winter Meetings wrapped up today with the annual MLB Rule 5 Draft, which was held this morning at the Westin Hotel in Indianapolis. The Nationals selected a total of four players in the Draft… one in the Major League Phase and three in the Triple-A Phase.

Here’s a brief explanation of the Rule 5 Draft, courtesy of the good folks at Wikipedia.

The Nationals selected OF Jamie Hoffmann from the Dodgers in the Major League Phase of the Draft and then traded him to the Yankees to complete Monday’s deal for RHP Brian Bruney. This is a common practice, and in this case it made a lot of sense for Washington. Rather than roll the dice on an unproven player in the Rule 5 Draft – who, by the way, would have to spend all of the 2010 season on the 25-man roster or be offered back to his original club – they got a proven Big League reliever in Bruney for the cost of a Rule 5 pick ($50,000).

Washington entered Thursday with a full 40-man roster, and unconditionally released RHP Zack Segovia to open a roster spot so they could participate in the Major League Phase of the Draft.

In the Triple-A Phase of the Draft, the Nationals selected right-handed pitcher Arismendy Mota from the Chicago White Sox, left-handed pitcher Michael Wlodarczyk from the Tampa Bay Rays and outfielder Nicholas Moresi from the Houston Astros. The cost to select a player in the Triple-A Phase is $12,000 and there is no requirement that they spend time on the Big League roster during the following season.


With a full docket of meetings, negotiations and receptions in the books, the final challenge at the Winter Meetings is always finding a taxi cab to the airport as the entire Big League delegation scrambles to catch their flights immediately after the final pick is made in the Rule 5 Draft.


This year’s Winter Meetings were a success for the Nationals. They were able to improve their bullpen, foster important relationships, add some Minor League players and added numerous irons to those that were already warming in the fire. 

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