Nationals volunteer at Food & Friends

Nationals pitcher Craig Stammen and 30 front office employees volunteered at Food & Friends yesterday. Along with volunteers from other organizations, the group helped prepare some of the 700 turkey boxes Food & Friends will deliver to their clients for Thanksgiving–people with life-challenging illnesses who may not otherwise be able to host Thanksgiving dinner for their families. The Nationals staff also helped to sort donated food and label pre-made meals for Food & Friends beneficiaries.


Stamman F&F 4 (Stammen).jpg“It was a lot of fun, I’m glad a lot of us from the Nationals organization came out here and do a little good for the community,” Stammen said. “We all get to go home and do our Thanksgiving. It’s good that we can provide that for some other people.”


Stamman F&F 1.jpg
Stamman F&F 2 (vern).jpgVolunteers helped in the kitchen, preparing turkey, chopping veggies and boiling potatoes. Each turkey box serves four people and includes a 10-12 pound turkey, sides and two pies.


“Food & Friends is delighted to partner with the Washington Nationals,” Executive Director Craig Shniderman said. “Not only are the Nationals, and their staff, a first-rate baseball organization, but they are also staunch supporters of their community. We so appreciate their consistent volunteerism with Food & Friends.”


Stamman F&F 3 (employees).jpgInteresting facts:

  • The organization began in 1987 and serves close to one million meals a year to 1,400 clients throughout Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia area.
  • They rely heavily on volunteers – approximately 13,000 give their time each year.

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