Zimmerman Gold Glove-caliber photos and quotes

ryan zimmerman photo credit Ezra Shaw Getty Images.jpg

“It’s hard to measure defense. Defense can be looked at so many different ways–whether you take away runs or you get to a bunch more balls or maybe it’s something else.” -RZ

093009-266 ryan zimmerman.JPG

“I try to get every single ball that comes my way. I think in the past that’s kind of hurt me a little bit–I get to many balls and instead of not throwing the ball I try to make the play. This year I learned when it’s smart to make the play and when it’s not. I think if you try to make every single play, it hurts the team more than it helps it.” -RZ

051909-137 ryan zimmerman.JPG

“I’ve only been playing third base for four years in the Big Leagues and two-and-a-half or three years in college, so it’s not a new position to me anymore but I think there are things to learn once you slide over there from shortstop. I played shortstop my whole life and you just fine tune things and make yourself better at each individual part of it.” -RZ

061909-115 ryan zimmerman.JPG

“I remember the last time I sat around and waited to see if I won something, I came up short to Hanley [Ramirez] in the Rookie of the Year. So, I’ve been just doing what I usually do and to hear this news is very exciting for me and my family.” -RZ

082009-436 ryan zimmerman.JPG

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Congrats to Zim. He played a great third base this past year.

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