The Storen Identity – 10/30

Drew Storen might not be Jason Bourne but he is special. He can’t fend off 30 people at once, dodge bullets or drive a car like Jeff Gordon during a high speed chase while weaving in and out of oncoming traffic. Well, he might be able to do all that… he doesn’t know. He hasn’t tried. He won’t need to if he continues to sit batters down the same way Bourne puts bad guys on their back. They are one in the same, two people extremely good at what they do. Storen saves games and Bourne saves humanity. Here is his post from the AFL…

Storen AFL 044.JPG
In an attempt to make this a more frequent publication, I am throwing up a little post here to cap off a chilly week down here in Arizona. Keep in my mind, “chilly” is a relative term, the mornings here have been mid-40’s and highs in 60’s during the day. It is kind of a nice change from the extreme heat of the past few weeks, but I am ready for the infamous Arizona dry heat to return.

 We lost a close one today with Peoria, almost making a big comeback in late innings. Fellow National Chris Marrero hit a home run to dead center that stayed about 10 feet off the ground the entire time. It was like he was playing darts with the batters eye in center field.  I tossed the rock around a little in the bullpen in case we tied the game up, but I did not end up going in. Hopefully I can find my way to the bump tomorrow for some work. I have stayed in the closing role since I have been down here. I love the role and am glad things have worked out as they have where I can stay down there and come in during the pressure situations. It is also cool to be teammates with other closers/late inning relievers from other organizations. It is fun to watch them throw on days I have to rest. I also pick their brain about throwing at different levels and in different leagues.

 With Halloween tomorrow, I only find it appropriate to reveal some disguises from the past. Being from Indianapolis and having no real hometown MLB team to root for, I was a combination of a White Sox, Reds, and Mariners fan when I was little. Naturally, I rocked the Chris Sabo get-up for at least one Halloween. I believe I wore swimming goggles instead of the Rec Specs, so complete authenticity was not reached, but a good effort nonetheless.  Another year, I wore my dad’s high school football uniform and referred to myself as a “Dead/Ancient Football Player”. Looking back, that may have not made my dad feel too young.

 Thanks for stopping back, I’ll throw something else up early next week to update the baseball happenings around here, but also share some of the best costumes of the weekend.

Storen AFL 045.JPG
Storen c.jpg 


Hey Drew! I was wondering what pitches do you have in your arsenal?

“tossed the rock around”? I haven’t heard that before. The ball?

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