The Storen Identity – 10/27

Drew Storen, 22, is now playing for the Phoenix Desert Dogs in the Arizona Fall League and is writing for Notes for NatsTown. Be sure to follow the tenth overall pick in the 2009 First-Year Player Draft as he writes for Notes from NatsTown and gives you an inside, behind-the-scenes look at the AFL and his climb to the Major Leagues. Here is his third post… (Post ONE… Post TWO)


090909-161 drew storen c.JPGThanks for checking back in. Sorry I don’t post more; I am usually pretty exhausted once I get back from the field. Things are pretty much the same, our offense keeps going on a tear, and we keep trucking towards getting another ring for the Desert Dogs. Seems like every day we have someone else step up in a key spot and get a big hit for us.


Strasburg threw again today and was dominating again. Glad to see him bounce back and stay confident. He is obviously an extremely talented player, but also very cerebral and has the ability to step back and make the necessary adjustments to be successful.


In my free time this past week, I have been able to have a little bit of fun. I am a country music fan, so I got to go see Lady Antebellum here at the Phoenix State Fair. It was actually my first country concert and I went with a few guys on the team so it was very cool. I also had a chance to go eat at one of my favorite places this weekend, Fogo de Chao, and if you’ve been before, you know how great it is.


It’s crazy to think the end of next week is the halfway point of being down here, it seems like we haven’t been down here very long. I guess that is what happens with a 35 game schedule.


A lot of people ask what it is like to play with guys from other organizations. It is a lot of fun, the baseball world is very small and one way or another you have a connection with someone else just because of a common friend or teammate. Along the same lines, there is a chance you will play with or against them at another point so it’s cool to gain new friendships and meet new guys that you could be seeing down the road.


storen goatee.jpgSince the last entry, I had a defeat in my life. I lost in the goatee contest. Since I had been down here, I told Strasburg (Since all through college he had the Big League goatee) that I could grow a bigger and better one. After using my mirror and seeing that it was not a good look, and the inability to properly maintain it, I seceded from the challenge. Tough loss but I think I can bounce back.


Thanks for checking in, please shoot me questions via the comments section below or on my twitter, I am here to please the readers, so whatever you want to know… please ask!




Are there pictures of the goatee? I want to be able to check out the competition!

Hey, dont lose faith in the goatee!! Also, just to let you know (I used to live in Tucson) there is a really cool steak place called pinnacle peak, check it out some time.
Glad to have an inside look at the AFL and glad to have you on the team Storen!


Please share a favorite memory or memories you have of your youth baseball experience (Skiles Test) Your dad shared a great story with me after your draft and I was wanting to hear what yours is.

Err… I’ve seen more facial hair on lunch ladies. Maybe it’s just light colored? Strasburg has that fire red thing going, ala Tim Redding, which tends to make it stand out more.
Hey, you got a dog in this year’s Series?

Meh, he’s probably just saving his best facial hair configuration for the championship game.😉

Drew, do you still stay in touch with Chad Cordero? If so, please tell him “hi” from this Nats fan.

Hey Drew,
I play in a Dynasty Fantasy Baseball League which we take very seriously. I drafted you with my second pick(Strasburg being my first) to be my closer of the future. Just thought it would be fun to let you know your talents have be recognized very early in Fantasy Baseball. Good luck in the AFL, and hurry up to the bigs so you can help me win Championships.

I hope you come up to the majors in 2010 to play for the Nationals. With you in the bullpen and hopefully some other good guys like Clippard, MacDougal, and others maybe the Nats will finall become contenders.

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It’s crazy to think the end of next week is the halfway point of being down here, it seems like we haven’t been down here very long. Hope you will be get more good luck in the next time. Kim @ meteo 12 jours

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