Nats open nine-game homestand against the Dodgers


Furcal – SS

Ethier – RF

Ramirez – LF

Kemp – CF

Loney – 1B

Blake – 3B

Belliard – 2B

Martin – C

Kuroda – RHP (7-6, 3.86)



Harris – CF

Guzman – SS

Zimmerman – 3B

Dunn – 1B

Willingham – LF

Dukes – RF

Bard – C

Desmond – 2B

Hernandez – RHP (8-11, 5.22)


The Nats have a chance to play spoiler against Los Angeles. The Dodgers have all but secured a playoff spot but they haven’t yet locked up the NL West. They lead the Rockies by 5.0 games, the Majors’ hottest team since June 4th with a 65-33 record. With 13 or less games in the season, a 5.0 game deficit is almost insurmountable but the Rockies have already proved that nothing is impossible. If the Nats can take two of three from the Dodgers and the Rockies sweep the Padres, the lead will be cut to 3.0 games. The Dodgers finish up with a three game series at home against the Rockies. Either way, the Nationals will play a role in the NL West race.


Slugger Manny Ramirez has been nasty against the Nats. He is batting .429 (12-for-28) with two home runs and seven RBI in seven games since 2006.


In case you were counting… with Adam Dunn (101) in the 100-RBI club and Ryan Zimmerman (97) zeroing in on the club, note that, if/when Zimmerman records three more RBI, they’d become the first set of franchise teammates (1969-pres.) to tally 100 or more RBI in the same season. In fact, since the RBI became an official stat in 1920, there’ve been only three sets of DC-based teammates to tally 100 RBI in the same year: ’32 (Joe Cronin-116, Heinie Manush-116), ’33 (Joe Cronin-118, Joe Kuhel-107) and ’59 (Harmon Killebrew-105, Jim Lemon-100).

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