Know your Nats: Adam Dunn

You asked, and Adam answered. Notes from NatsTown sat down with first baseman Adam Dunn during the previous homestand with the questions you submitted. Check it out and see if your question was answered.

042109-208 adam dunn.JPG1.     
Jana Robbins, Woodbridge, VA: What did you do with your days off? You have made this year exciting.  Thanks!
Well, Jana what I do on my days off, normally if they’re at home,  spend time with the wife and kid and do whatever they want to do. But I definitely get a lot of rest and play a lot of X-Box.

2.       Joey Robbins, Woodbridge, VA: What kind of gum do you chew out there when you play?
Joey, when I play I choose the sugarless Double Bubble. This one right here [takes gum out of his mouth].

3.       Carol O’Hagan, Stafford, VA: How many packs of gum do you go through in one game?
Carol, I don’t know how many packs of gum I go through a day but I probably go through, probably 15 or 20 pieces in a game. I chew a lot of gum.

4.       Kimberly Everts, Hagerstown, MD: Growing up, who was your baseball idol? Do you model your play after anyone in particular?
Kimberly, to answer your question about my baseball kind of role model growing up, I try to patent my game. I was a big fan of Larry Walker. For some reason, I don’t know why, I just liked the way he played. 

5.       Lucas Pillar, Great Falls, VA: Have you ever considered bunting for a base hit when the other team has the over-shift on? With only one infielder on the left side, it seems like they are asking you to send a hard bunt down the third-base line. When they start defending against it, it will open up space on the right side.
Lucas, to answer your question about bunting, I do think about it but I’m not that good of a bunter so I figured if it’s a good enough pitch to bunt it, I’ll pop it up and be really mad at myself.  So that’s probably a pitch that I probably could have maybe hit a homer.

6.       Robert Floyd, Furnace Mountain, VA: I’m really curious as to your thought process when you come to the plate.  Are you thinking home run, or just hit it hard?  Does your approach vary, depending on situation, pitcher or pitch count?  I’d love to know what you’re thinking when you stand there at the plate and hold your bat up in the air – that has to freak pitchers out.
Robert, to answer your question about when I’m at the plate, kind of what I’m thinking, it kind of depends on the pitcher and the situation. If we’re down by one late in the game and I’ve got a chance to tie it, put us ahead, I’m going to try to tie or put us ahead. If not, if we need baserunners, I’ll try to work a walk or try to get a base hit.

7.       Cassie Little, Ocean City, MD: I’m an Alan Ashby Fan too. I have seen numerous times on the Jumbotron that your favorite player was Alan Ashby because of his hair… you have grown your hair out a little bit but not to the extent that he did but can we count on you growing a fro and having a mustache like him for next year
Cassie, Alan Ashby was my favorite player growing up. I actually have becom
e really good friends with him. But to answer your question about my hair, growing out like his, absolutely not. That was more of an 80’s mullet.

8.       Neil Hendricks, Blacksburg, VA: How much video do you watch of opposing pitchers? Do you tailor your strategy based on who is pitching or do you have a general strategy when you hit?
Neil, to answer your question about how much video I watch, I try not to because it always looks a lot nastier and the pitchers look a lot better than they normally are on video. All I want to know is what they have and kind of their tendencies in counts, what pitches they throw.

9.       Jeanie Barlett, Bel Aire, MD: What are your predictions for the upcoming College Football season? Now that Sam Bradford is out do you think Colt McCoy can lead the Longhorns to the title?
Well Jeanie, to answer your question about College Football, I think even if Sam Bradford was healthy and the tight end wasn’t out for the season, I think Texas would still kick their butts. I think it’s going to come down to whoever wins in the SEC and Texas.

10.   Cary Kisner, Vienna, VA: Is it safe to say that you would have owned Rob Dibble had you and he played at the same time?
Cary, that’s a very good question about me and Rob Dibble. I think asking him, he would probably say that he would own me but I would like to beg to differ.


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