Stephen Strasburg Press Conference

2:00 p.m.: Stephen Strasburg addressed the media, the Nationals Front Office and the fans as he was officially announced as a member of the Washington Nationals.

Strasburg 1 c.JPG The press conference took place on the field. It featured Stephen Strasburg, his agent Scott Boras, Nationals General Manager Mike Rizzo, Nationals President Stan Kasten and host Bob Carpenter.

Strasburg 2 c.JPG 
Strasburg is presented with a jersey by the Nats 2005 first round draft pick Ryan Zimmerman.

Strasburg 3 c.JPGZimmerman helps Strasburg put on his new Nationals jersey. Strasburg wore #37 at San Diego State where he played collegiately.

Strasburg 4 c.JPGStrasburg answers questions from the media during his introductory press conference.

strasburg 5 c.JPGThe team is hopeful Strasburg will be able to pitch in the Arizona Fall League this year after completing workouts in Florida.

Strasburg 6 c.JPGStrasburg will have to get used to all of the media coverage that comes with being a Major League athlete.

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