First-Ever Grill-Off at Nationals Park

Food Network Event 002b.JPGThe Washington Nationals welcomed the The Food Network today as The Next Food Network Star finalist Teddy Folkman took on Levy chef Phil Bucco in battle flank steak/swordfish. The two contestants were both told of the mystery protein just as the 45-minute challenge began.



Food Network Event 026b.JPGChef Folkman, a District area chef who owns Granville Moore’s Gastropub in DC, chose flank steak…


Food Network Event 012b.JPGWhile Chef Bucco, who oversees menu concepts and the food served in each area of the ballpark, went with the swordfish.


Food Network Event 003b.JPGThe event was hosted by Eddie Gilbert, who was also a finalist on this season of The Next Food Network Star.


Food Network Event 017b.JPGFans from all over swarmed the event to get a glimpse of the chefs and (hopefully!) a taste of their creations.


Food Network Event 056b.JPGDuring the event, Teddy stopped by to see what the excitement was all about. His choice to win the battle? The other Teddy, of course!


After 45 minutes, the chefs finished their dishes and prepared for the judging.


Food Network Event 058b.JPGChef Teddy Folkman prepared his grilled flank steak with a grilled potato salad and a pineapple-tomato sauce.


Food Network Event 059b.JPGChef Phil Bucco served up an all-grilled dish of swordfish, zucchini and potatos topped with a tropical mango salsa.


Food Network Event 064b.JPGThe two judges, The Washington Post Food Editor Joe Yonan and WTTG Sports Anchor Dave Ross, were brought in for the event. They were sequestered during the cooking process and were unaware of which chef cooked each dish.


Food Network Event 065b.JPGThe other two judges, Kim Dickson of Alexandria and Becky Goehler of Richmond, were chosen by host Gilbert to sample the food. Both women had a blast at the event and really enjoyed trying the food the chefs made.


“I don’t usually like fish dishes, but I couldn’t stop eating this one,” said Dickson.


The judges scores are in, and the winner is…


Food Network Event 071b.JPGTeddy Folkman!


Food Network Event 067b.JPGAnd the chefs generously gave out samples of their dishes to the fans in attendance.


Food Network Event 069b.JPG“We do events like this all the time,” said Folkman. “But this is definitely the best one yet.”

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