NatsTown = Red Out

NatsTown Blog 003.jpgThe Nationals decided to start the second half of their season off with a bang and will be wearing their
RED alternate jerseys all weekend. We decided to check out the crowd and see who else rocked the RED at the series opener against the Cubs.


NatsTown Blog 014.jpg

These guys take “Get your RED on” to the extreme. I wonder if even their skivvies are red?


NatsTown Blog 011.jpg

Multitasking: Rocking the RED and rocking at PlayStation.


NatsTown Blog 001.jpgWait guys, we said RED, not orange! This isn’t Camden Yards.


NatsTown Blog 024.jpgNats Xtra hosts Johnny Holliday and Ray Knight get in on the RED party.


NatsTown Blog 015.jpgNo wonder the grass at Nationals Park always looks so nice, look at how stylish the grounds crew is.


NatsTown Blog 026.jpg
These lovely fashionistas prove that RED is always in style.


NatsTown Blog 033.jpgThese friends may not be rocking the RED, but they are definitely showing off their Nationals pride!


NatsTown Blog 031.jpgPink is definitely a shade of RED, right?


Don’t forget to come to the park and get your RED on all weekend long as the Nationals take on the Cubs in the first series after the All-Star break!




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