Nats Flashing the Leather

zim diving.jpgEach night, ESPN highlights the best offensive plays of the day on their Web Gem segment of “Baseball Tonight.” This year, they are tracking the best Web Gems and listing them on the Baseball Tonight Clubhouse page every Monday. The winners will be listed by player appearance, team appearance and Web Gem Points.

Web Gem points are calculated by awarding five points for the night’s top defensive play, four points for second, three for third, two for fourth and one for fifth. Scoring is based on the Web Gems from the last “Baseball Tonight” show to air on a given night.

So far this season, the Washington Nationals and All-Star Ryan Zimmerman have been featured prominently on the Web Gems leaderboard! Here are the current rankings:


Web Gem points leaderboard
Brandon Inge                 24
Carlos Gomez               22
Ryan Zimmerman       20
Robert Andino              20
Ryan Sweeney              19
Jack Wilson                  19
Michael Bourn              18

Web Gem appearances leaderboard (players)
David Wright                New York Mets       Third base            8
Brandon Inge                Detroit                      Third base           8
Ryan Zimmerman      Washington             Third base          7
Carlos Gomez              Minnesota                  Center field         6
Eight tied                                                                                  5

Web Gem appearances leaderboard (teams)
Washington                22

Philadelphia                  22
New York Mets           19
Pittsburgh                     19
Cincinnati                     19

You can track Zimmerman and the rest of the Nationals each week here at the ESPN Baseball Tonight Clubhouse.

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