T-shirt time

The three-game series with the Sox brought a record crowd to the park each night. The three day total was 125,032 fans. Half of those people wore Jacoby Ellsbury T-shirt jerseys. The other half, well, they sported anything from wicked throwbacks to wicked gnarly sleeveless T-shirts. Here is a look at the out-of-place unis, the old school jerseys and the future stars of NatsTown.


mussina fan.jpgHey Bob. I think we went to the wrong stadium.

IMG_0646.jpgAnything is possible Agent Zero.

IMG_0707.jpg“But I am a big Redskins fan”…. Yeah.

IMG_0706.jpgApparently a wicked confused couple…

IMG_0684.jpgNo this isn’t a AT&T promotion.

IMG_0675.jpgGetting it Dunn.

IMG_0695.jpgDouble Fisting: The only way to deal with defeat.

IMG_0702.jpgThe Iron Man used the iron gym to cut the iron T-shirt sleeves off.

IMG_0678.jpgBest friends.

IMG_0672.jpgPapi loves pink.

 Future All-Star.

IMG_0668.jpgDid Dunn just hit it out of the park?

IMG_0703.jpgGood luck.

IMG_0716.jpgYeah, that’s right.

IMG_0711.jpgOld School.

IMG_0712.jpgNew school.


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I want a red T-shirt with a big Curly W on the front and nothing on the back. However, I’m wonderfully endowed and need an XXX. I’ve looked all over. Any help?

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