Nats welcome 10 millionth Fan!

IMG_0627.JPGLast night, the Nats welcomed their 10 millionth fan to the ballpark since moving to the District in 2005. Mark Strattner, a Washington native and huge Nationals fan, was the designated 10 millionth fan.


Strattner received a Ryan Zimmerman signed jersey and two tickets to the Elton John and Billy Joel concert at the ballpark on July 11.


IMG_0628.JPGStrattner will also receive four Lexus Presidents Club tickets and field passes to watch batting practice at an upcoming Nationals home game. Additionally, the ballclub will award him an official Nationals Park seat to take home, complete with a plaque recognizing him as the 10 millionth fan in Nationals franchise history.


“It’s a great honor. I can’t believe the team has been around long enough to have 10 million fans,” said Strattner, who is a Nationals season ticket holder. “I knew it wasn’t a joke. Actually, they told me I would be winning a prize.”


Team president Stan Kasten voiced his pleasure about Strattner being the 10 millionth fan.


“The Nationals are thrilled to have welcomed their 10 millionth fan tonight at Nationals Park,” Kasten said. “We look forward to reaching additional milestones as we continue to grow our fan base and improve the ballclub and fan experience at Nationals Park.”


Strattner likes what he sees in the Nats for the years to come.


“We have to survive this year and I think things will start improving next season,” Strattner said. “I love the starting pitchers. I think they are showing great promise.”


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