Yankee Stadium home run watch

The new Yankee Stadium has replaced Coors Field as the most generous hitter’s ballpark. The Nats start a three-game set with the Yankees tonight in their first trip to the Bronx in team history. There are sure to be plenty of fireworks. There have been 115 home runs at the new stadium already, 25 more than the second friendliest stadium, Camden Yards, and 79 more than Turner Field. There have only been 49 HR at Coors Field thus far in 2009. Of the 115 bombs, 64 HR have been hit by Yankees players and 51 HR by opponents. Mark Teixeira leads the pack with 13 blasts to souvenir city.  


042109-208 adam dunn.JPGIt is a short hop to the right field fence (314′) and the ball carries extremely well down the line. Routine fly balls turn into home runs. There have been 70 HR to right, five to center and 40 to left. It could be a fun series for slugger Adam Dunn.


Here’s a look at how the new stadium compared to the old stadium.

HR hit at Yankee Stadium (Through June 15 in 2008 and 2009)

                        2008      2009

HR                   66        115 

Games              32        32

HR/gm             2.1       3.6


With 49 regular season games remaining at Yankee Stadium, it is on pace to record 291 HR. Just short of the record set in 1999 when 303 HR were hit out of Coors field.

The Nats are also a much better home run hitting team when they leave the friendly confines of Nationals Park. There have only been 58 home runs at Nationals Park, 18th among ballparks.

Nats Home/Road Splits (Through June 15)
                        Home  Away
Games              33        29   
HR                   29        35
AB/HR             38.2     29.3

The MLB Average is 33.5 AB/HR.

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